The Halaal/Libre ByStar Digital Ecosystem
A Moral Alterantive To The Proprietary Digital Ecosystem    PLPC-180016
Neda Open Business Plan
An Inversion to the Proprietary Internet Services Model    PLPC-180014
Blee (ByStar Libre Emacs Environment)   
A User Environment For The Halaal/Libre ByStar Digital Ecosystem    PLPC-180004
ByStar Federation of Autonomous Libre Services    PLPC-180015
Concept Of Libre Services
A non-proprietary model for delivery of Internet services    PLPC-100101
Defining Halaal Manner-Of-Existence Of Software
And Defining Halaal Internet Services    PLPC-120041
The Nature of Poly-Existentials:
Basis for Abolishment of The Western So-Called Intellectual Property Rights Regime    PLPC-120041
Introducing Halaal and Haraam into Globish
Based on Moral Philosophy of Abstract Halaal    PLPC-120039